About Furniture Stores

Established in the year 2013 Furniture Stores is UK's one of the largest online shopping portals for furniture and furniture accessories. We are proud to introduce Furniture Stores as a one stop, shop for all your furniture needs.

Furniture Stores is an umbrella that brings various merchants to advertise and sell their products. So merchants from various parts of UK can leverage upon our platform and sell their products. As a prospective merchant, you are sure to benefit from the high visibility that Furniture Stores garners across consumers. With one of its kind online shopping portal for furniture, it is a win-win for prospective buyers at this super-market for furniture.Furniture Stores presents to you best of various merchants so just one click and you can access products from various providers. 

At Furniture Stores we personally validate all the merchants before providing them with shelf space. So prospective buyers need not to worry about the authenticity of the sellers. If you are a merchant looking to advertise your products at Furniture Stores and thereby gain access to millions of prospective buyers, you have arrived at the right place so contact us and we shall be happy to help you.