Most of the times it becomes frustrating to look for things in the cabinet, especially when there is no sufficient light reaching towards it. Having some light to assist you while you work around the cabinet or cupboard is always advisable. Hence, cabinet lighting is must for every cupboard. Cabinet lighting is usually used in cabinets, shelves or similar surfaces to mainly provide lighting that is complementary to the room’s general lighting. These lights can be fitted inside, above or beneath the cupboards. These are mainly used in kitchen cabinets or in glass cabinets to highlight them. Installing these lights is simple and can be done with ease. Start by wiring and fixing the actual light in the place where you want it that is inside, above or beneath the cabinet.

The important factor here is wiring. It must be done in a proper manner. Lighting which is done inside the cabinet is wired and programmed in such a way that when the doors of the cupboard are opened, the lights are switched on and to closing the doors they are switched off. Hence, you need not install and use extra switches for doing so. However, for above the cabinet and under the cabinet lighting you will need to make use of external switches. You can make use of any of the three kinds of bulbs: incandescent, fluorescent or LED. Depending on the factors such as the amount of light, light colour, lamp’s life, and energy use select the bulb which suits your requirements. Incandescent lamps throw white light, are inexpensive but have a shorter life of around two years and highest energy use. Fluorescent lamps efficacy improves with wattage, have longer life of around 7 years and gives bright and uniform light. LEDs use very low energy, have a life of approximately 10 years, but are comparatively expensive than the other two. Two main styles in cabinet lighting are puck and linear style. Puck lights are round or oval in shape, whereas linear lights usually come as light strip. Before you make the purchase check out the designs online so that you get a better idea.

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