With everything becoming eco-friendly, you would want your homes or offices to be lightened up by energy efficient sources of light. The incandescent bulbs or the fluorescent ones are comparatively less energy efficient in comparison to LED bulbs. Hence, LED lighting is becoming popular slowly as people are witnessing its benefits. LED lighting is essentially a light-emitting diode which is a two-lead semiconductor light source. Earlier LEDs were not high-power and high-efficient, hence they were could not be used in lighting. However, it is possible now as high-power and high-efficient LEDs are available. LEDs are termed as the cleanest, energy efficient and most eco-friendly way of lighting. They have a longer life span as compared to the incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

If you leave LED light on for 8 hours per day, then you would need to replace the bulb after 20 years. They also do not burn out completely and stop working but the light becomes dimmer with time. Hence, you have sufficient time to stock a new bulb. They are 80-90% efficient in terms of energy usage, which is only 20% for incandescent bulbs. Thus, only 20% of energy gets wasted as heat and 80% is converted to light in the case of LEDs. These LEDs lights are also sturdy and so can withstand rough conditions. The size of LEDs is small; hence they can be used in narrow places as well. A significant quality of LED lighting is that the brightness can be controlled as well the colour. They are eco-friendly and recyclable, since they do not contain mercury like the fluorescent lamps. You can use them in various places like residences, automotive, entertainment, electronic instrumentation, etc. Even with these benefits, people are hesitant towards buying them because they are expensive. However, if you consider the total cost of ownership in terms of the amount spend and the life of the lamp, then they perform much better than other lighting.

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