In the surroundings, you will have noticed this type of lighting. Over Cabinet Lighting provides a calm and cooling glow above the cabinets and creates a line of light. Normally the, GLSR lights are used in this pattern too. The lights may be LED to provide better functioning. Somewhere you will see the use of Softview 58 Mist Resist lights and somewhere normal hanging lights fitted in reversible manner to fulfill the concept. Many persons prefer AURIS 115 Multi-Use lights, available in strip pattern. Strip pattern lights are generally used in the cabins of different offices where 2 x 2 sheets of false ceiling are designed accordingly. Though, in maximum installations including houses, the round shaped Over Cabinet Lighting is used only. Clip used inside the lighting is stronger than strip light and able to hold the LED for long time. Design of these lights is tough because of having less maintenance level.

A 1.5mm copper wiring is sufficient to provide power to these lighting. Though, in Kitchen, over cabinet lighting is preferred in LED manner. Kitchen is the place which required lighting from many sources. In case of switching of main power points, the Over Cabinet Lighting can also be used as dim light. In offices, this type of lighting is beneficial as it creates the weighty and cooling atmosphere even in day timings. In Hall rooms, this lighting pattern provides a royal look. GLSR lighting in cornered condition is also used in bedrooms over some specific points to be used as night lamp. These lights attract minimum voltage being a string of LEDs.

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