Alpha Strip Light is one of the best examples of instant lights. This company is based in India and in manufacturing since 1982. The long experience of the company is able to produce a number of models of Strip Lights. This model of light is used to decorate various occasions and venues like Gardens, Houses, Industries and open gatherings. These strip lights are the collection of LED lamps in a chain. All are well connected with a better circuit and has a better insulation over. Alpha Strip Light is also available in the form of Track Spot Light. This light is mostly used by Light and Sound companies for demonstrating various plays on stage. In various talent award functions, this light is also used extensively. As far as household use of this light is concern, this is available in Plug N play model. One end is sealed with connection and other end is provided with a power plug for taking the required power.

Blinking, spot projection, toy action and function according to music also come under adaptability of this light system The normal use of Alpha Strip Light is to decorate the trees, terraces, boundaries and all type of locations in functions. Company also offers various types of discounts on bulk purchasing. These lights are water proof because of the LED lamps are well insulated and internally connected with each other. Use of Alpha Strip Light is quite safer. The 30 years long experience of the company is strong backup for providing different models and competing the market.

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