Though, Beta doesn’t have any meaning with regards to light but as far as referential meaning of BETA light is concerned, this light is the collection of gaseous tritium. In this light system, radioactive hydrogen creates the light. The output is visible. Various fluorescent light models in Beta lights are available. The specialty of Beta Strip Light is unique. The LED lamps are well insulated inside the plastic covering. No lamp is in direct contact of the user. All the lamps are well secured and connected with the wires. Beta Strip Light is also available in big bundles and normally used to decorate the gardens where functions organised at large scale. Surroundings, trees and guests blocks are decorated with Beta Strip lights.

Various modules of this light are also available waterproof models. Some of the indicators are also available in Beta light version. Track plates inside the cell phones, calculators, computers mother board may have the beta light indicators. Decoration on terraces is ensured best by the help of beta strip light. Some of the RGB LED modules are also available in market which works as main board for bigger light emitters. Beta Strip Light is available in small and big bundles too. Some models are also available looking like extension cords. The flexibility and durability of this light ensures its longevity. Major benefit of this light is the durability. In case of any LED lamp goes out of action, it doesn’t affect others and finishes in itself only. Some of the beta lights are also available in stainless steel shell and some in soft plastic.

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