Fairy Lights are also a kind of strip lights with a little difference. In strip lights insulation is made over the LED lamps, while in fairy lights, the existence of lamps is open and only tied with the wire. These lights are also available in shape of flowers too. The cost effect is according to the shape of flower selected. Normally the oval shaped lamps are tied in this light system to decorate the function. Some of the strings are also available in different shapes and styles. The flavor of party depends upon the decoration style and the decoration depends upon the use of fairy lights. Both things are the complementary to each other. Fairy Lights are available in time frame too. Some of the lights are operated with battery and has a fixed time of glowing.

The party organizers judge the time consumption in party and accordingly choose the fairy lights. For decorating the stages or small trees, 35 Pink Roses fairy lights are available in various colors. This light is battery operated and available in jus Rs. 3,176.00. Some of the companies are also selling this light online through their websites. White flower Fairy Lights are also available in market which costs about Rs. 4,766.00. In a single strip, more than 22 white flowers are tied with the LED lamps of more than 6 watts each. The power wire used in this light is more than 3.5mm. In case of failure or discharge of battery, you can also use it with A/C. Both the provisions are available in this light.

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