If you are looking for formal furniture for your home or guest house it will be better to go for standard sized furniture. It will be better to look for standard furniture especially for guesthouses where office dignitaries are expected. Similarly for VIP guests in hotels also furniture will be better than luxury furniture. With smart furniture what we mean is that standard size, shape and colour are used instead of fancy patterns and colours. All furniture like chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes etc. should be in a standard colour and size. Readymade furniture comes in standard size. These days many offices are trying to make their interior very colourful to make a lively working atmosphere. Standard furniture will not suit such interiors. Senior dignitaries and government officials would prefer standard furniture so that they are not distracted from their official duties while on duty. Standard furniture cannot compromise on quality and comfort be it a chair or bed. It has to be as comfortable as normal furniture. The main difference is to keep away from attractive patterns, abnormal sizes and bright colours. Furniture in fashion deals in standard furniture for domestic and official uses. Being experienced in the field they know the standards in furniture industry and make sturdy and formal furniture also.

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